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2017-18 Letter of Intent Guidelines

A community organization interested in receiving program funding from United Way of Hunterdon County must first submit a letter of intent (LOI).

The LOI allows UWHC/CRISP to quickly assess correlation between UWHC’s Community Impact Agenda and the proposed program.   If, upon initial review, the program appears to be aligned, UWHC will request a full proposal.

United Way’s Community Resource Investment and Strategic Planning (CRISP) committee and staff will review the LOI’s and invite those organizations with seemingly aligned programs to submit full proposals.   If more than one organization has a similar proposal or CRISP identifies opportunity for collaboration, those organizations may be asked to meet with CRISP to identify potential ways to move forward collectively.

The LOI should present a concise, logical, and persuasive argument emphasizing how the project will help to solve a significant problem or satisfy an immediate basic need. Organizations are advised to avoid jargon, adjectives, flowery subjective statements which may not be supported by facts. 

The LOI shall follow this format and may not exceed two double spaced pages in 11 point Times New Roman font.

  •  Opening Paragraph or summary statement. This should include program overview and outcomes (or expected outcomes), including how the program supports United Way’s key initiatives, and requested funding and program budget.
  • The body of the letter should include the program need and explain why the organization has chosen to respond to this set of issues in this way, previous success and who is being impacted in Hunterdon County.
  • Organizations should highlight why their approach is novel and/or deserving of the special attention that funding connotes.
  • Indicate if there will be collaboration with other organizations and what their roles will be. Be specific about who does what.
  • State the specific outcomes and indicate evaluation tools used to measure those outcomes

The UWHC Community Impact Director (and appropriate UW staff) will be responsible for the initial review of all submitted Letters of intent and will remove from further review any submissions that are deemed “incomplete” because they do not contain all the components mentioned above.  The CRISP committee will review complete LOIs and identify those programs that appear to best align with UWHC’s Community Impact Agenda and key initiatives (e.g., Hunterdon Thrive, Latino Access Disparities, Technical Interventions for the Reduction of Obesity (TIRO). UWHC will then determine the amounts awarded based on the budgeted funding available.

All LOIs should be submitted via email to Caroline Scutt, Community Impact Director, no later than 4pm on Monday, Feb. 20, 2017.