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Hunterdon Diaper Bank

Please help our youngest in need!  The Hunterdon Diaper Bank is in urgent need of infant and toddler diapers and other infant care products

DID YOU KNOW…some parents make very difficult decisions beteween buying new diapers – or reusing them!  “Diaper Need” occurs when struggling parents cannot afford sufficient diapers for their babies and toddlers.  Surprisingly, food stamps do not cover diapers – chips and soda yes – diapers no.  So these families need to resort to extreme measures to make their diapers go as far as they can.  Some even will dry out wet diapers and use them again.  And they aren’t able to change diapers as frequently as they would like, resulting in diaper rash and a very unhappy baby.

Fast forward 60 years or so…. If you want to find a topic nobody wants to talk about, just say the words "adult incontinence". Fifteen to twenty percent of adults over the age of 65 are incontinent. Some seniors can't afford the $100 per month cost of these products so they stop leaving the house for fear of having an accident, a common cause of folks becoming “shut-ins.” And unlike most babies, who will someday grow out of diapers, incontinent adults will generally bear this cost for the rest of their lives.

The Hunterdon Diaper Bank needs your help by donating diapers, organizing a diaper drive, or donating money for the purchase of diapers.  See below for drop off centers, click GIVE to help financially or contact Eloise to learn more.  Please help today and thank you!


About the Hunterdon Diaper Bank:
A partnership between United Way of Hunterdon County and NORWESCAP Food Bank, the Hunterdon Diaper Bank provides diapers, wipes, and incontinence products to families in need.

The Hunterdon Diaper Bank’s (HDB) mission is threefold in scope:

  1. Ensure that families and individuals have an adequate supply of infant diapers/adult incontinence products;
  2. Raise community awareness that “basis human needs” include infant diapers/adult incontinence products and that these needs are not being met;
  3. Advocate for policy reform so that infant diapers/adult incontinence products are included in the definition of and provision for the “basic human needs” of families - Food Stamps cover soda but not diapers.

The Hunterdon Diaper Bank would like you to join its efforts by donating diapers, organizing a diaper drive, or donating money for the purchase of diapers.  You can drop donated diapers at:

United Way offices at 4 Walter Foran Blvd, Suite 401 or 20 Fulper Road both in Flemington. 

      Clinton Honda (1511 Rt. 22 in Annandale) 

       The Ginger Tree Preschool of the Arts (1 School Street in Glen Gardner)