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Hunterdon Diaper Bank


A partnership between United Way of Hunterdon County and NORWESCAP Food Bank to engage Hunterdon County residents to make a difference in the lives of their neighbors by providing diapers, wipes, and incontinence products through financial generosity and volunteer commitment. We work to convert our community’s compassion into action on behalf of those in need by increasing awareness of the issues that impact ALICE – those who are Asset Limited, Income Constrained, and often, Employed.

The Hunterdon Diaper Bank’s (HDB) mission is threefold in scope:

  1. Ensure that ALICE families and individuals have an adequate supply of infant diapers/adult incontinence products;
  2. Raise community awareness that “basis human needs” include infant diapers/adult incontinence products and that these needs are not being met for ALICE individuals and families;
  3. Advocate for policy reform so that infant diapers/adult incontinence products are included in the definition of and provision for the “basic human needs” of families.


HDB is organized under the premise that those who need infant diapers/adult incontinence products very possibly need other social services as well. That’s why we collect diapers and adult incontinence products, warehouse them and then distribute to a variety of partner agencies within our Diaper Distribution Network (DDN). The DDN is listed here.

If you would like to become a partner agency, fill out an agency application form; please complete and return via fax to 908-782-6704 or mail

DID YOU KNOW…that in a baby’s first year, he/she will have used an average of 2,788 diapers, and at a monthly cost of approximately $100? A recent study reveals 1 in 3 American moms struggle with diaper need. These 1 in 3 moms have had to cut back on basics such as food, utilities like heat or electricity, or even child care in order to provide enough diapers for their babies.

Fast forward 60 years or so…. If you want to find a topic nobody wants to talk about, just say the words "adult incontinence". 15-20% of adults over the age of 65 are incontinent. Hunterdon County’s senior population is approximately 16,000, 3.7% or 600 of which live in poverty. Additionally, given the reduction in services and benefits and the cost of living in Hunterdon County, the number of seniors who live above poverty levels but who cannot make ends meet is increasing. Adult incontinence products cost $100 per month. Because they can’t afford these products, many incontinent but otherwise healthy adults stop leaving the house for fear of having an accident, a common cause of folks becoming “shut-ins.” And unlike most babies, who will someday grow out of diapers, incontinent adults will generally bear this cost for the rest of their lives.


DID YOU KNOW…that more than 40,000 diapers were collected and distributed to individuals and families in need during 2013?

DID YOU KNOW…THAT YOU CAN HELP?...Please consider hosting a diaper drive. Contact us at 908-782-3414

Please contact us if you decide to host an event so we can help publicize it. 

Clinton Honda is now a proud sponsor and permanent drop off location for the Hunterdon County Diaper Bank.  Clinton Honda is located at 1511 US Highway 22 East in Annandale, New Jersey. The dealership is open Monday through Saturday, for hours click here.

From left to right: Gary Casterline of ShopRite, Bonnie Duncan, executive director of United Way of Hunterdon  County, Pamela Gardinsky, marketing manager of Clinton Honda and John Killian of Clinton Honda