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Hunterdon Thrive

Hunterdon Thrive

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Hunterdon Thrive is a Financial Stability Partnership (FSP) initiative. The FSP brings together the public and private sectors to assist ALICE families and individuals with finding solutions to various financial challenges.  The FSP launched, Hunterdon THRIVE, a unique outcomes-driven initiative in 2014. Hunterdon THRIVE provides ALICE with system navigation, coaching and goal setting while at the same time gathering individual and community-level data to:

  1. Measure progress against the community goal of 10 by 20;
  2. Identify system gaps and needs as well as areas of success that would benefit from increased support.
  3. The initiative partners and Rutgers University will publish the outcomes of the pilot year as the first step in providing a sustainable model that can grow in Hunterdon and elsewhere.