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Volunteer & Mentor Readiness Training








United Way of Hunterdon County, through its Center for Volunteerism, Leadership and Philanthropy, offers a unique opportunity to explore the benefits of volunteerism and mentorship through a new workshop series -- Volunteer & Mentor Readiness Training.

This series of interactive workshops define volunteer mentoring roles, responsibilities and boundaries, and identify strengths, values and communication styles. The workshops also encourage participants to explore what type of volunteer experience is right for them. For example, do they want to interact directly with clients or would they prefer to assist an organization in a more strategic way? These and other questions are answered in this 4-session series of dynamic workshops.

These workshops are being held in collaboration with Empowerment Solutions, LLC. This dynamic organization specializes in the development of individuals by facilitating the skill of goal setting, applying a positive attitude toward life and improving interpersonal skills.

Certification for this program, which requires participation in all four workshops, will prepare individuals for volunteer roles throughout the community. So whether you choose to volunteer with United Way or another community organization, this program will prepare you for this important role.

Even seasoned volunteers may want to take advantage of this unique opportunity. In the words of a long-time volunteer:

“The delivery of this program was consistently engaging, enlightening and informative.  It allowed me to think deeply into areas that I thought I knew enough about.  This program proved me wrong! “

For more information on Volunteer & Mentor Readiness Training and to find out the next series of workshop dates, contact Debbie Coughlin via email or call (908)782-3414, ext. 29.