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43 Days is all we have left….

43 Days is all we have left….

As a NJ State Commissioner for the Complete Count Commission I wanted to take a moment to share that as a nation 43 days is all we have left to get everyone counted in the 2020 census.  It is not just about the numbers but what those numbers represent.  New Jersey is the most diverse American state and we need to celebrate and ensure all our communities are represented in the count.

The 2020 Census is among the most critical civil rights issues of our day. Historically, the Census has undercounted certain communities at disproportionate rates, such as people of color, urban and rural low-income households, and young children. When communities are undercounted, they are deprived of equitable governmental representation and access to resources.

Today as we navigate COVID-19, and seek to recover and become resilient once again, demonstrates that we cannot afford to leave a single dollar on the table.  We need to ensure we have the funding and support for our schools hospitals, social service programs for seniors, folks with disabilities, children and families, and other infrastructure spending. 

We cannot wait another 10 years.  It is safe, easy and confidential.  If you haven’t done so already, the time to get a complete count is now.

Most sincerely,

Maria Bonita (Bonnie) Duncan