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Golf Tournaments are good for Charities

By Stephen Harris for the United Way 

Charitable organizations, like the United Way, are always looking for enjoyable and innovative ways to raise awareness and funds. Few events attract charitable giving like golf. The green grass and warm weather bring out the fun competitive spirit and golf is a natural for attracting local players and business.

Love and Gratitude

A few words on Valentine's Day from Rachel Eichem our Director of Development

Every February 14, people across the world exchange candy, flowers and gifts with their loved ones. It is considered by many to be the best day to express your love and care for that special someone or the one you love.  

It is also the perfect day to thank those who support you, care for you, and keep you strong.

United Way is my Charity of Choice

Contributed by Lacy Phelps- member, Community Resource Investment & Strategic Planning committee

Financial Advisor, Edward Jones


I have a passion for helping individuals reach their full potential and that is why I do EVERYTHING I do. This is why I became a Financial Advisor and, also, why I’m involved in the United Way of Hunterdon County’s (UWHC) THRIVE program, which helps individuals obtain jobs with good wages, safe and affordable housing, and financial stability.

Look for My P.S. First

By Rachel Eichem, Resource Development Director

The frustration that comes with writing a donor appeal letter is that you know right off the bat that a few things are going to happen.  One, the reader is going to give it a quick scan and decide in about 3 seconds if it is worth any more of their time. Two, they are going to hone in on that P.S. you have ended with and rate your entire letter from that one sentence. It’s the post-script that your whole message lives and dies by.

Joy is Giving

The Holiday season is a wonderful time of buying gifts for family and friends, and stretching those limits on our credit cards. It can also be time of great stress for many. Did you know there are several studies that point to a higher level of happiness when giving to charitable causes? Giving has been proven to be good for your self-esteem. The joy of sharing, of caring.



Who is ALICE?

ALICE is a United Way acronym that stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed (Retired).  Working hard but struggling to survive. Let’s meet ALICE.

The Road Ahead

United Way of Hunterdon County’s Board President, Brad Muller, has a clear vision of the role our organization fulfills in the community. He also sees the challenges facing not just United Way, but all nonprofits. The following blog post recaps his views.

Why United Way Should Be Your Charity of Choice

When thinking about what lies ahead for our United Way over the next few years, I am both optimistic and realistic.  Optimistic because we are an organization that continues to do tremendous good in Hunterdon County and we have an amazing story to tell. 


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