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By Stephen Harris for United Way of Hunterdon County

The Pandemic has affected every sector of life and the economy. For children in... Continue Reading

Posted at: 07-29-2020- 1:09 pm Posted By: bduncan

Sometimes when the challenges we face seem insurmountable it is best to focus on the little things. And sometimes it is the little things that matter most.... Continue Reading

Posted at: 06-16-2020- 9:24 am Posted By: bduncan

From Maria Bonita “Bonnie” Duncan, CEO of United Way of Hunterdon County.  

I am a first generation American, daughter of immigrants... Continue Reading

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Posted at: 05-04-2020- 12:05 pm Posted By: bduncan

By Rachel Eichem, Director of Development

I could start this blog by using the same phrases that are being circulated right now by lots of people… “... Continue Reading

Posted at: 04-27-2020- 11:27 am Posted By: bduncan

Covid-19 presents many challenges to families with the States requirement that we stay home. This is especially true with young children.  The United Way... Continue Reading

Posted at: 04-15-2020- 6:04 pm Posted By: bduncan