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Increasing Health Equity in Hunterdon

Increasing Health Equity in Hunterdon

By Bonnie Duncan, CEO, United Way of Hunterdon County

In 2014 United Way of Hunterdon County took a giant step toward realizing its vision of bringing neighbors together to build a more caring community.  We found the perfect location to build a Community Volunteer Center and engaged our volunteers in helping to make it a reality.  Our tag line during the “Big Build” was – Doing Good in the Neighborhood. 

United Way of Hunterdon County offers Board Development Training

Ever wanted to know what it takes to be a Board member? Bonnie Duncan, United Way of Hunterdon County’s CEO, will be offering Board Development training this Winter. The goal of the training is to prepare you to be an effective Board Member for any organization. For instance, the training provides an understanding of a Board’s roles & responsibilities, how to advocate for your Board’s cause, and ideas for fundraising.

Letter of Thanks from Our Board President

As printed in Jan. 7 edition of the Hunterdon Review

Dear Editor,

Cliché as the saying has become: 2020 was indeed a “year like no other.”  It was a year filled with contrast - experiences, news, and images that forced us to grieve our losses, question our history, and doubt our leaders, while also inspiring our thirst for truth, faith in humanity, and hope for the future.    

Transcending Competition Makes Us Hunterdon Strong

It is not often in the non-profit world that you get the opportunity to set aside the competition of who is doing the more important work, who is able to connect with donors best, or who has greater name recognition. Competition isn’t something most people expect from nonprofits. Competing for customers and market share is a for-profit kind of thing, right? You can trust me when I say competition is an ever-present truth for us, rearing its head at different times as each year unfolds.

Helping ALICE Thrive is Our WHY Now More Than Ever

Written by Stephen Harris for the United Way of Hunterdon County

ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) has been dramatically challenged this year due to the impact of Covid-19. Before the pandemic, ALICE was barely staying afloat In fact, 22% of Hunterdon households were struggling and another 5% were stuck in poverty The pandemic was the wave that flooded the ALICE boat, with widespread unemployment and lack of access to healthcare.


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