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43 Days is all we have left….

43 Days is all we have left….

As a NJ State Commissioner for the Complete Count Commission I wanted to take a moment to share that as a nation 43 days is all we have left to get everyone counted in the 2020 census.  It is not just about the numbers but what those numbers represent.  New Jersey is the most diverse American state and we need to celebrate and ensure all our communities are represented in the count.

Tooling Kids for Back To School This Fall

By Stephen Harris for United Way of Hunterdon County

The Pandemic has affected every sector of life and the economy. For children in school, this has caused a major shift in their education and social interactions. It is halfway through the Summer and still there remains uncertainty. This impacts not only the students, but it also has consequences for their parents. 

Little Things That Mean So Much

Sometimes when the challenges we face seem insurmountable it is best to focus on the little things. And sometimes it is the little things that matter most. In the case of COVID-19, one of those little things is protecting others by wearing a simple facemask. Those with the know-how and others willing to learn stepped up when masks were a scarcity and donated homemade face coverings to our essential workers. Kelly is one of the many makers who made and donated over 400 masks to those who needed them.

A Message of Equity

From Maria Bonita “Bonnie” Duncan, CEO of United Way of Hunterdon County.  

I am a first generation American, daughter of immigrants who came here for a better life for themselves and their families.  I have lived here and in other countries and experienced my share of discrimination.  The deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor, along with countless other racist acts in the last months that have left me full of sadness, despair, and pain. 

Home with young children? Here are 15 EASY Activities to Do Together

Covid-19 presents many challenges to families with the States requirement that we stay home. This is especially true with young children.  The United Way has some suggestions to engage imagination and using everyday moments as learning activities to ways to spark language and learning skills. 


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