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Dear Fellow Volunteer

This week United Way of Hunterdon County volunteers will be engaged in an old-fashioned telethon to raise money for our organization. For many, the idea that United Way has to raise funds just like any other nonprofit comes as a surprise. It may come as a surprise to you now. But the fact is that we rely on individual donations to fuel our work in the community. One of the volunteers who will be leading the telethon also wanted to send a letter to fellow volunteers to make them aware of our ongoing need for individual supporters. Here is what she shared:

Golf Tournaments are good for Charities

By Stephen Harris for the United Way 

Charitable organizations, like the United Way, are always looking for enjoyable and innovative ways to raise awareness and funds. Few events attract charitable giving like golf. The green grass and warm weather bring out the fun competitive spirit and golf is a natural for attracting local players and business.

United Way is my Charity of Choice

Contributed by Lacy Phelps- member, Community Resource Investment & Strategic Planning committee

Financial Advisor, Edward Jones


I have a passion for helping individuals reach their full potential and that is why I do EVERYTHING I do. This is why I became a Financial Advisor and, also, why I’m involved in the United Way of Hunterdon County’s (UWHC) THRIVE program, which helps individuals obtain jobs with good wages, safe and affordable housing, and financial stability.


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