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United Way of Hunterdon County has been caring for our community for more than three decades. Our organization works to create opportunities to improve life in our community so that everyone receives a quality Education that enables finding a stable job, earns enough Income to support a family through retirement and maintains good Health

Collectively Hunterdon County residents are in very good health when compared with the rest of New Jersey and with the country. However, more Hunterdon residents are now diagnosed with high blood pressure (25% vs. 23% in 2005). Plus, alcohol consumption is generally up, as is binge drinking (4-5 or more drinks on one occasion). For routine care, only 70% of Hunterdon residents see a physician for check-ups; this is less than the statewide average of 82%. In the latest survey, 23% of county residents report having been diagnosed with a chronic condition. Twelve percent were told they have "pre-diabetes" or "diabetes."

So there is room for improvement and for HAROLD the story is very different. Meet another member of the United Way of Hunterdon County family: HAROLD Health At Risk, Overwhelmed, Lifestyle Dilemmas.

HAROLD is Health At Risk for a variety of reasons including being underinsured or un-insured, may have a predisposition to chronic physical or mental illness because of family history or behavior. Harold is Overwhelmed by stress caused by factors such as work, family (children and/or aging parents), finances and is faced with ongoing Lifestyle Dilemmas – lack of exercise due to limited time or limited budget, lack of awareness, leading to poor choices and/or decisions and poor nutrition. And it is important to remember as the World Health Organization states “health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

When HAROLD is a caregiver, his overall well-being is put under greater strain. And if HAROLD is living in an unsafe or unhealthy environment, his health will be negatively impacted.

The overall health of our community is a factor in determining the strength of our community and therefore an important strategic area of focus for United Way of Hunterdon County. Key initiatives and programs we actively participate in include: