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How does #GIVINGTUESDAY fit into your plans to give?

Submitted by Rachel Eichem, UWHC Director of Development

You hear it a lot this time of year- it is “the season of giving”. As a professional fundraiser I could certainly argue that there is no “season” for giving, as it is something that should occur all year through. But the holidays ARE when we are most apt to give to one another, and to realize that there are those among us who are not so fortunate, and not always on the receiving end.

Navigating the best way to ask our donors to help those in need- especially when there are Christmas & Hanukah gifts to be bought for family and friends, along with the many other holiday expenses, can be a challenge. But we are fortunate to have MANY generous donors to help those less fortunate. Yet it seems there is always more need, always more people we want to be sure to help.

#GIVINGTUESDAY was started in 2012, with the message of: The power of one, the impact to many. It is a global celebration of giving. It follows our national day of Thanksgiving; then our Black Friday of deep discounts and bargain hunting; followed closely behind by Cyber Monday and all those on-line deals.

There are many days to spend- and part with our money. But then we get to Giving Tuesday. Last year 3.6 million donors from 150 countries gave a total of $400 million globally, with the average gift being $105. Obviously people saw the need that existed. Knew how important it was. Experienced how good it felt. And honestly, it doesn’t require a heroic effort. Even donating the $5 you might spend on a cup of coffee is a help to a non-profit like ours.

We know many of our friends have recently made their annual gift to us. Many of our friends are helping with our Holiday Hands program- through volunteering, adopting families, or making donations. We could not be more thankful to all of you- for all of this generosity, in every way that you find to give. If there is room to particpate in #GIVINGTUESDAY 2019, we would be grateful for that as well.

Our mission is to bring people and resources together to improve lives and conditions and to advance the common good of the community. Why? Because we believe every individual deserves the opportunity to thrive. We are thankful to our donors and supporters who help make that possible. This Giving Tuesday, please help spread the word by sharing why YOU support United Way of Hunterdon County.

We are proud to be a part of this global celebration of giving. Please participate and donate.

With thanks and love,


“Every single time you help someone stand up, you help humanity rise.”