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The Importance and Power of Partnership

By Rachel Eichem, Director of Development

I could start this blog by using the same phrases that are being circulated right now by lots of people… “In these unprecedented times” or “In the midst of the Covid-crisis” or even “We are all in this together” because ALL of these are accurate.

We are living, together, in an unprecedented time of crisis as a result of the Covid-19 virus, and the ripple effect it has had on our communities and society as a whole.  As a fundraiser it puts me in a panic. As a human being it puts fear in my heart. As an employee for a strong and focused United Way, now partnering with another strong and focused United Way, I feel empowered and capable. I am proud to be a part of something that is going to help thousands of people get back on their feet, something that will provide some amount of stability or assistance in their otherwise uncertain life right now.

United Way of Hunterdon County has joined forces with United Way of Northern New Jersey to create the “ALICE Recovery Fund” ALICE  stands for our neighbors who are Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed, many of them our essential workers. Through corporate and individual donations, we will be supporting individuals, families, and other non-profits to help prevent them from falling into crisis.

We believe that we are stronger together. We believe that we can help more people working in partnership, than we could on our own. We are committed to helping as many people as we possibly can, and to do that we are pulling our resources, our talents, and our voices to make that happen.

We recognize that this crisis will not end when the stay at home order does. The workers who are out of jobs, have lost wages, struggle to make ends meet- will not just get back to normal with the flip of a switch. They will need support and guidance to get back on their feet. This is the work United Way member organizations across the country specialize in- and most specifically- it is what United Way of Hunterdon County and Northern New Jersey do best. Through the ALICE Recovery Fund, and our financial stability programs, we will put everything we possibly can into assisting our community members in their recovery efforts.

I take it back. I do want to say it. We are all in this together; and stronger together. Partnerships that strengthen each other and those around them are a rare but wonderful thing. We are fortunate to have such a partnership with United Way of Northern New Jersey. They recognize the value we bring to the community, and want to be a part of that. We look forward to working with them to get our community members stable and secure, and empowering us all to adjust to this “new normal” all together.

If you are in a position to support the ALICE Recovery Fund, and would like to be a part of this effort, I ask that you please visit or and donate today. The more support the fund gets, the more neighbors we will be able to help. Thank you.

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