Little Things That Mean So Much

Sometimes when the challenges we face seem insurmountable it is best to focus on the little things. And sometimes it is the little things that matter most. In the case of COVID-19, one of those little things is protecting others by wearing a simple facemask. Those with the know-how and others willing to learn stepped up when masks were a scarcity and donated homemade face coverings to our essential workers. Kelly is one of the many makers who made and donated over 400 masks to those who needed them. When she started getting requests for masks and offers to pay for them, she decided to donate the proceeds from her sales.

Kelly is like many of us – a mom trying to navigate the unchartered waters of helping four children through home schooling, a business owner trying to balance work and home and a neighbor who wants to do what she can to help during this crisis. Kelly reemployed her embroidery machines that would normally be used to embroider baby blanks and gym bags for her company, Peekaboo Patterns, and started making masks.

“This was really a no brainer, and a way I could use my skills to support the community during this unprecedented time,” explains Kelly. She is one of hundreds of businesses in our Hunterdon Community, thousands across the country, that have pivoted to help during this pandemic.

Through her generosity she has raised more than $1200 for United Way of Hunterdon County, and we couldn’t be more grateful for her generosity.

Masks are easier to obtain but the need has grown now that wearing them has become a ubiquitous part of daily living. Masks have come to symbolize safety, caring and kindness. Thank you to Kelly and everyone who has helped make sure we are all a little bit safer, and even a little more colorful, as we mask up and get through this pandemic together.

And if you need an extra mask or two and want to support United Way of Hunterdon County, visit Peekaboo Patterns.