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Resource Investment Portfolio

United Way of Hunterdon County (UWHC) is pleased to announce the 2018 Community Impact Funding program cycle. This is the final year we will be continuing the Letters of Intent (LOI) submission process in the Community Impact focus areas of Financial Stability, Health and Education. Pleaese review the Letter of Intent guidelines.

The goal of the LOI approach is to simplify the application process and allow UWHC to assess alignment between the program seeking funding and UWHC vision and Community Impact Agenda.  The programs identified as potentially aligned may then be invited to submit full proposals at a later date.  Completed Letters of Intent are due no later than 4pm, Wednesday, February 28, 2017.   

United Way of Hunterdon County envisions a community where all individuals and families achieve their full potential, with income, health and education (in order of priority) as the primary areas of focus to improve the financial stability of and quality of life for 10,000 Hunterdon County residents by 2020.   A successful program will be aligned with these community impact areas.     

Moving forward, United Way of Hunterdon County will no longer engage in a Request for Proposal process after the 2018-19 funding cycle but will instead enter into contractual agreements with organizations that offer programs that will assist us with our Community Impact goals.

Please contact Caroline Scutt for more information or clarifications.



United Way of Hunterdon County Announces Community Investment Portfolio
and Program Grant Awards 2017-2018


United Way’s Community Resource Investment and Strategic Planning (CRISP) committee strategically assesses programs most aligned with the objectives within United Way’s three focus areas – Income, Health and Education.  The final portfolio comprises 20 internal and external programs that will contribute to sustained community impact.