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Swinging Into Spring for the Silver Set

Are you a senior looking to put some extra bounce in your step this spring? Baby Boomers are living longer but longer doesn’t always mean healthier. Here are a few things you can get out and do to boost your health, and spirit.

Did you know volunteering has health benefits?  Volunteering helps others but giving back is actually good for you too.  According to The Health Benefits of Volunteering from the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), volunteers report greater life satisfaction and better physical health than do non-volunteers. The report also stated that life satisfaction and physical health improves at a greater rate as a result of volunteering. Plus, older volunteers experience greater increases in life satisfaction and greater positive changes in their perceived health as a result of their volunteer activities than do younger volunteers.

Volunteering helps give our life meaning and purpose. This has a positive effect on our psyce and outlook, which is directly related to lowering our risk of poor physical health. And you can help the community while you help yourself. So it is true that when we give, we receive much more in return.

Physical health is impacted by many social determinants including your financial wellness. You probably get an annual physical, dental check-up and vision exam every year, but what about a financial health check-up?  A financial health check-up is a good practice for everyone, but it is especially important for people who recently experienced a major change in their financial lives.  A financial health check-up can help you review spending and savings, adjust priorities and identify potential problems. 

United Way of Hunterdon County (UWHC) invites you to sign up for a free financial health checkup with one of its volunteer financial coaches. The health checkup will help you determine if there are changes you can make to improve cash flow, pay down debt or identify other resources that can improve your financial outlook. Scheduling time with a coach is easy. Contact Claire or 908-303-4311.  UWHC also offers a Financially Fit Workshop Series throughout the year.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities with United Way of Hunterdon County and other community organizations, contact Amy or 908-237-1689.

You also can learn more about health-related programs and activities throughout the county at the Community Health Fair on Saturday, April 18th at the UWHC Community Volunteer Center in Flemington. The annual health fair offers a sampling of exercise classes, workshops, healthy meal options and information on the array of community resources geared to help you feel your best.

Last but not least, now is the time to fill out the 2020 Census and contribute to the overall wellness of the community. A complete count is important because Census data determines the distribution of Congressional seats, allocates government funding for senior services, transportation infrastructure and schools, and much more.

For more information about the census visit

These are a few simple ways you can improve your health and contribute to a healthier community, this spring and year round.