Volunteer with our Tools 4 School Technology program

What is the Tools 4 School Technology Program?

Our Tools 4 School Technology Program is our newest program, created from the need to bridge the "digital divide" and connect individuals with access to computers, tools, and internet connectivity that keeps them unable to fully participate in the online world.

Our clients are adults 18+, often parents of children in our school systems, as well as members of our senior community. We provide client participants with the use of long-term loaner laptops so that they can practice the skills they learn in class, and stay connected to essential services such as email, online banking, student learning portals, social services, and more.

Volunteer opportunities are available throughout the year.

What volunteer opportunities are available?

  • Teaching computer skills to adults
  • Bilingual (Spanish to English) translators, with or without computer skills

Who can volunteer for this program?

  • Volunteers who prefer weeknight, evening hours
  • Computer savvy adults (students and retirees are encouraged to share their knowledge)
  • Teachers

What traits are you looking for in a volunteer?

This program has many facets to suit many skillsets and preferences, and all volunteers are welcome.

We are always looking for Spanish-speaking volunteers, especially to help with translation at the data entry, client intake, and client communication stages.

When are are working with clients, we ask that you are patient, kind, and that you serve all clients with dignity and respect that is free of bias or discrimination.

We believe every United Way community member, donor, volunteer, advocate, and employee has an obligation to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion and be actively anti-racist in their thoughts, work, and actions. We ask that all volunteers read and respect our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement of Principle.

Download our Volunteer fliers

Volunteer flier - English
Volunteer flier - Spanish