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The What and Why of This Blog

People often ask me what I do for United Way of Hunterdon County.

My immediate response is that I’m the Communications and Community Impact Director.

They nod in understanding and then ask but what exactly do you do?

My answer is as complicated as it is simple: I communicate stories. I share success stories about Holiday Hands, Financial Coaching and many other poverty prevention programs led by United Way or our community partners, motivational stories that showcase our dedicated volunteers and often difficult stories about complex community issues like homelessness and inequality.  

I seek out these stories because at United Way we believe every individual deserves the opportunity to thrive. The stories we tell underscore this belief.

I am excited to introduce our new bimonthly blog where you will find stories that highlight the work being done in the areas of poverty prevention, financial empowerment and advocacy to create positive change in our community.   

Please don’t hesitate to share your story with me if you would like us to consider it as part of a future blog.

Thank you