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Youth 4 United Way


As part of United Way of Hunterdon County’s role as a community center of volunteerism, leadership and philanthropy, we believe fostering volunteerism as well as raising awareness of community issues within the youth population is extremely important. These young people are our community leaders of tomorrow.

Youth 4 United Way is designed to increase student awareness of community needs and to assist with linking our youth to ways they can support those needs. The program has three goals:

  • Expand student education and experiences
  • Encourage young people to give of their time, treasure and talents
  • Develop leadership skills in our youth

As a service learning program, Youth 4 United Way has a curricular component that provides students with meaningful content as the foundation for development of the essential skills required to create an effective service plan.  Leadership and Philanthropy is a unique partnership between United Way of Hunterdon County and Hunterdon Central Regional High School.

Upon completion of the class, students are expected to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Increased awareness of existing community needs
  • Increased self-awareness of personality, learning, and leadership styles and ability to impact the effectiveness of a group or team
  • Broader involvement in community service to address local as well as national and global needs
  • Increased understanding of and practice applying the essential skills involved in effective, meaningful philanthropic work
  • Increased understanding of essential skills of effective leadership
  • Increased understanding of problem solving and decision making
  • Development of a life-long commitment to service and philanthropy as part of civic responsibility.

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