United Way’s Hunterdon Hygiene Connection: More Than Just Diapers

Hunterdon Hygiene Connection

United Way of Hunterdon County has rebranded its Hunterdon Diaper Bank to more accurately reflect its products and services. The program has a new logo and a new name: Hunterdon Hygiene Connection.

The Hunterdon Hygiene Connection provides products for people of all ages: diapers, menstrual (or period) products, and incontinence pads. “’Diapers’ alone doesn’t convey what we provide,” said Bonnie Duncan, CEO of United Way of Hunterdon County. “Our new name and logo represent the hygiene products that people may need at different stages of life.”

Another change is the decision to reclassify “feminine” products as “period” or “menstrual” products. “We are cognizant that anyone can need these products, regardless of gender identity,” Duncan said.

United Way of Hunterdon County looks to residents, organizations, and businesses in the Hunterdon community to support the Hunterdon Hygiene Connection through individual donations, product collection drives, and direct funding. It distributes much of what it receives to food pantries and other agencies throughout the area that provide these and other items to those in need.

United Way has plans to increase the Hunterdon Hygiene Connection’s impact by delivering to homebound residents and offering period products in the schools. “The federal assistance programs of SNAP and WIC don’t cover these products,” Duncan said. “When money to buy them isn’t available, young women can feel they have no choice but to stay home and miss school. We’d like to put together a pouch of supplies that anyone in need can pick up at the school nurse’s office.”

"The Hunterdon Hygiene Connection is always grateful for product donations, which are much needed," said Beth Gunnet, a volunteer who processes the donations when they come into the Volunteer Center located on Fulper Road in Flemington, “Baby diapers sizes five and six and pull-up sizes always run low,” she said. “And we can always use period products of any type.”

Hygiene products can be dropped off at United Way of Hunterdon County’s Volunteer Center, 20 Fulper Road, Flemington. Financial donations can be made at www.uwhunterdon.org. Organizations or individuals that would like to start a product drive should contact Laura Hernandez at laura@uwhunterdon.org, call (908) 237-1689, or download our Product Drive Toolkit.