Corporate Volunteer Programs

What corporate volunteer programs do you offer?

United Way of Hunterdon County welcomes teams of volunteers and donors from our local and regional businesses to participate as a group for special opportunities throughout the year.

We often partner with organizations such as the NORWESCAP Food Pantry, Grow a Row, Flemington Food Pantry, SAFE in Hunterdon, and others for day-long/or multi-day volunteer events that include our own programs such as the Hunterdon Hygiene ConnectionHoliday Hands and Tools 4 School. Corporate volunteers come together for a meaningful experience that helps to strengthen the bonds between themselves and the community. These can be shared as a "Day of Action" or as a special event sponsored by your organization to benefit the community.

We offer full and half-day teambuilding opportunities to create hygiene kits, health/safety kits, New Mom packages, and other meaningful projects that support the organization. We will work with your company’s budget and pair our resources to create a volunteer experience you will enjoy and want to offer your team every year!  

Your organizations may also wish to collect donations and/or host donation drives for our programs, which we always welcome and appreciate.  

For more information on how your company can participate in group volunteer opportunities, contact Rachel Eichem, Chief Development Officer.

We believe every United Way community member, donor, volunteer, advocate, and employee has an obligation to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion and be actively anti-racist in their thoughts, work, and actions. We ask that all volunteers ready and respect our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement of Principle.