Volunteer with our Financial Wellness program

What is the Financial Wellness program?

Our Financial Wellness program is a program that helps individuals and families to work towards the security elements of financial wellbeing. The program helps clients get control over the expenses and spending and develop the ability to absorb a financial shock. This includes a program called 10 Minute Money Management, which is a financial wellness initiative that a client can follow alone, or with the guidance of a financial coach.

Our participants are adults who identify as Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed (ALICE) and commit to at minimum 1-year financial coaching agreement with a United Way financial coach. Typically, we expect our participants to be employed, and with a desire to learn about how to stabilize their current income, plan for the future, and identify the financial goals they wish to achieve.

What volunteer opportunities are available?

  • Financial coach

Who can volunteer for this program?

  • Adults with experience in financial coaching
  • Adults with an ability to learn how to be a financial coach

What traits are you looking for in a volunteer?

This program prioritizes volunteers with backgrounds in financial coaching, finance, and accounting. All adults with the capacity for financial coaching are accepted, and we will help with skills training. For Financial Wellness coaches, we require a background check. We also require that coaches and anyone handling sensitive client information sign a non-disclosure agreement.

When you are working with clients, we ask that you are patient, kind, and that you serve all clients with dignity and respect that is free of bias or discrimination.

We believe every United Way community member, donor, volunteer, advocate, and employee has an obligation to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion and be actively anti-racist in their thoughts, work, and actions. We ask that all volunteers ready and respect our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement of Principle.