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Who We Are

United Way of Hunterdon County has helped to improve lives and conditions in our community for 30 years. But we didn’t have a “home of our own” until 2004 when Mr. Paul Wirtz gave a generous endowment to United Way of Hunterdon County.

Wirtz symbolizes the American success story -- a young German immigrant works hard to create a thriving poultry business and achieves the American Dream. He also ensures the dream is there for others by giving back to the community that supported him and his family.

The Board of Trustees agreed that once a permanent site was established, it would be more than office space to be used by United Way, rather the building would come to life as the Center for Volunteerism, Leadership and Philanthropy  for our County.

This would clearly define the purpose of the building AND our United Way. Paul Wirtz’s generous gift will continue to support our Hunterdon County community for generations to come.