Who We Help

Did you know that it costs ~$90,000 for a family of four to make ends meet – and that doesn’t count a night out at the movies.  Hunterdon County may be labeled as one of the Healthiest and Wealthiest corners of the country but labels are often misleading.  Those statistics don’t make any mention of ALICE – individuals who are Asset Limited, Income Constrained yet Employed. ALICE is working individuals and/or families who struggle to make ends meet. United Way fights to remove structural barriers and empower ALICE.

Meet Charlene (aka ALICE)

All ALICE needs is one catastrophic event to slip into a hopeless situation – one that puts a greater strain on individuals, on our health care system, on social services and on our community.  Conversely, often all ALICE needs is short term support to get back on track towards self-sufficiency. United Way of Hunterdon County focuses on poverty prevention, financial empowerment and advocacy to create positive change in our community. Why? Because every individual deserves the opportunity to thrive. Here is ALICE in Hunterdon. ALICE makes up 22% of county households - see below.